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About Kristina

A passionate professional multi-instrumentalist who keeps the audience engaged with energetic and smooth beats.

Kristina’s first music steps were taken at the age of 7 with the piano. At the age of 13 she has joined a music school and later graduated at Bulgarian music academy. Since then she has travelled at different countries following her passion and expressing herself through the music.

Ever since of the beginning of her career Kristina has been looking for a new style and sound, and the combination of flute, saxophone and vocal makes her performances more unique.

Believing different types of music touches people in different ways Kristina has developed her own style influenced by several contemporary music genres including jazz, funk, soul, pop and house music.

Having saxophone, flute and singing in her expertise, makes Kristina’s shows suitable for weddings and different kind of events. She has experience playing for world international high brands like Aigner and CHARRIOL.

After living in Spain, France, Turkey, UAE and GCC, Kristina is now based in Bahrain and performs around the island with the partnership of different DJ's.

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